Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Enhanced News Feed Offered by Financial News USA

Financial News USA (OTC: FNWU; www.financialnewsusa.com), a next generation financial news network, announces that it is now providing a free enhanced news feed for news providers, distributors, web portals and webmasters. Financial News USA has added a NewsML formatted feed to its list of feeds in RSS format to enhance the availability of its news to a larger audience.

NewsML is the evolving industry standard for news, conceived by Reuters (Nasdaq: RTRSY), developed and ratified by the International Press Telecommunications Council. Major news organizations like Financial News USA and Comtex (OTCBB: CMTX) have adopted the standard to facilitate the transmission and compatibility of news sources.

Publicly traded companies are invited to sign-up for a free account with Financial News USA to increase the exposure of their press releases to new investors, professionals and the financial media.

If you are interested in receiving Financial News USA’s news feeds, we have a staff of technical professionals that can assist in integrating the feed into your service or website. Numerous sites and services are already carrying and benefiting from the feed. A customizable Javascript news module is available for easy website integration on the Financial News USA website: http://www.financialnewsusa.com/news/setupFeed.php

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Market Overview

Many investors have lost value in their stocks and bonds due to the increasing interest rate and inflation. Looking at the DJIA, NASDAQ, SP500, we see that they are falling behind. DJIA has fallen 62.59 points (0.59%), NASDAQ is down 15.47 points (.74%), and SP500 is behind 8.38 (0.71%). The overall market is not doing very well. If this phenomenon continues to exist, investors will lose a great deal of money.

There are several interesting facts about some of the companies out there. Let’s take a look them real quick. Analysts suggest that there are certain stocks that are doing well now such as CTI Molecular (NASDAQ: CTMI), Steris Corp. (NYSE: STE), and Delta Natural Gas Company (NASDAQ: DGAS). Investors should buy and invest in these stocks for the long-term according to analysts. There are also several companies that people should stay away from, at least for the moment due to their underperformance: People’s Bank (NASDAQ: PBCT), Sigma Tel (NASDAQ: SGTL), Fidelity National (NYSE: FNF).

The bond marker at this time is optimal in relation to the stock market. It has gone up to 42.08 from 41.9 (Nov 16, 2004), up .43%. It is not a big increase, but a better option compared to equities. A general rule to remember is when the stock market is doing well, the bond market is not. And the reverse is also true. When the stock market is not doing well, the bond market is doing better.

In addition, people are concerned that the real estate market is overvalued. Unlike the stock market, real estate is local, and most people buy houses to live in. Very few people buy investment properties. Overvaluation of people’s principal asset can have profound effects on the overall economy.

Thus the Federal Reserve decided to double its key short-term lending rate, the federal funds rate, in little more than four months. The Fed wants to keep the overall rate of inflation from accelerating. Of course, there is a risk of deflation, but it is only a slim probability. At the moment, housing remains strong and attractive to many people. Short-term rates are still relatively low, while the long-term rate has dropped since last June. These low interest rates make housing more affordable, thus increasing demand in the short run. In turn, this pushes up home prices, since the housing supply does not respond all that quickly. It is certain that rising interest rates will puncture the housing bubble. The critical fact is that we do not know when it will happen. We have to wait and see how the market will respond in the upcoming months.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Advantages of Small Cap Stock Volatility

Though investors might not always appreciate it, smaller stocks' greater volatility is an advantage. Because of that greater volatility, for example, buy limits entered in well below the market not-infrequently get eventually filled, just as is the case with sell limits that are well above the market. Investors in large-cap stocks are rarely so lucky.

Client, U.S. BioDefense, Steals the Show at Project T2

This past Thursday, the 11th, Project T2 was held in downtown Los Angeles. The conference brought together industry leaders in technology transfer, including representatives from numerous universities, venture capitalists and business development firms. Financial News USA client U.S. BioDefense (OTCBB: UBDF) sponsored the event alongside Southern California Edison, Latham & Watkins, Morrison & Foerster, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Canadian Consulate General, and Genzyme. U.S. BioDefense's unique approach to assisting companies commercialize their products, technology and research attracted very strong attention from attendees. Financial News USA was happy to assist in communicating and presenting U.S. BioDefense's business development services at the conference.

A press release announcing the sponsorship was distributed by U.S. BioDefense which provides more information: http://www.financialnewsusa.com/release.php?rlsid=896

U.S. BioDefense was extremely happy with the results and sees many positive relationships developing from the contacts made at the conference.

Public Companies Need Investor Relations, Need Investor Awareness

Not well-known companies smaller than Microsoft, Google and Wal-Mart can benefit significantly from financial public relations to get exposure to investors who are looking for new investment opportunities. Without this critical component a small public company can miss tapping the full potential of its public entity. The company's news must reach the right audiences in order to maximize shareholder value.

Financial News USA is keenly aware of the benefits of a properly executed investor awareness program. Our client, AirRover Wi-Fi (OTCBB: AVWF), has recently benefited from one of our campaigns by having their news of a pending acquisition (http://www.financialnewsusa.com/release.php?rlsid=859) reach the right people. This was accomplished with our Industry News press release program along with having the company featured in ValueRich magazine (http://www.financialnewsusa.com/release.php?rlsid=877), a leading small-cap and lifestyle magazine.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

BloggerCon III Conference Raises Important Issues for Discussion

BloggerCon III was held this past weekend at the Stanford Law School to discuss all aspects of the blog industry, from advertising and making money to publishing philosophies. Conference registrants included representatives from Yahoo, Microsoft, Adobe Systems, and Intuit Inc. More information on the event can be found at http://bloggercon.org

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Friendly and Receptive Market for Companies Going Public

Recent IPO’s have demonstrated a mini-boom in companies going public demonstrated by the successes of Shopping.com (Nasdaq: SHOP), Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), DreamWorks Animation (NYSE: DWA), and Financial News USA (OTC: FNWU). So far this year, 198 companies have gone public compared to just 68 in 2003.

On the Leading Edge; Young, Savvy and Growing

Financial News USA's savvy implementation of certain Internet technology has been recognized by industry experts as holding the most promise. A report by CBS MarketWatch called RSS and blogs the Internet's hottest technologies. Readers of this blog will already know the influence that blogs have garnered.

Financial News USA has had RSS feeds available for some time now distributing updated financial and market news to investors and financial professionals. Financial News USA has been ahead of the curve and it will continue to capitalize on new technology that helps the company evolve into a premiere financial news originator and distributor.

To access our RSS feeds go to: http://www.financialnewsusa.com/rss/rss_feed.php

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Investment Club sees ROI on FNWU

Financial News USA was a guest presentor to the Monster Investment Club on Saturday. The club had invested in FNWU at $0.10 per share. The sharp increase in share price of FNWU to a recent high of $1.10 added significant value to the club's portfolio. Club members were extremely excited about Financial News USA going public and about the potential that the company demonstrates even on pure fundamental analysis.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

We're Public

Financial News USA finally traversed the line from private to public, OTC: FNWU. The company spent nearly a year going through the process of lining up everything necessary in order to get a public listing. We are all excited about the opportunities that are now available to us as a public company. If any one has kept track of our campaigns with our public company clients then you will understand what lies ahead for us. Everyone's hard work has allowed Financial News USA to grow into a stable start-up company.